What is Batik Gentongan?

batik madura nilam

What is Batik Gentongan

Batik gentongan is one of the masterpieces of Batik Madura. This product can be produced only in Bangkalan Regency, Madura. Batik Gentongan is produced in months or years, depend on the pattern itself. The pattern is drawn using cantingon both sides. The coloring process also takes quite a long time. It is done in a special barrel (genthong in Javanese and Madurese), therefore it is called Batik Genthongan. Due to the long and complicated process, this type of batik has a higher price than others. However, for those who like and love batik must have this one, because Batik genthongan color is more durable and the pattern is more beautiful and neat.

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