How to Distinguish Batik (Tulis and Cap) and Printed Fabric?

batik madura nilam

What are the differences

People used to be able to distinguish the kinds of batik easily, whether it is batik which is made by drawing on the fabric directly (batik tulis), batik which is made using the special stamp (batik cap), or the printed fabric which has the batik pattern. It is possibly caused by the technology used long time ago which has not been really good like todays’ quality perhaps. It was clear for them when they look at the inside of the fabric. The pattern of batik tulis and batik cap can be seen through to the back of the fabric, caused by the wax which is drawn twice or more on the fabric, or the wax which is drawn in both sides of the fabric such as batik gentongan (explained later). The process in producing batik here is different from what we call printed fabric.

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