Koleksi Batik Season 2 _ Pamekasan


What is Batik?

batik madura nilam

what is batik

Batik is the original heritage of Indonesia. The word batik itself comes from Javanese language, namely “amba”, meaning “writing (drawing)” and “titik” which means “point”. Therefore, the manufacturing process are related to the writing (drawing) points on a piece of fabric using “malam (kind of wax)” to prevent staining on some part of the fabrics. It could be said that the product which can be called as batik is only a piece of fabric which the patterns are made by drawing on fabric using the wax and stamp or canting as a tool. What about printing fabric? Is it also called as batik? No, the printed pattern on the fabric do not use wax as the media, and its manufacturing process is different.

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Apa yang membedakan batik tulis Madura dan batik tulis lainnya?

batik madura nilam

Batik Madura

Setiap batik yang berasal dari daerah yang berbeda pasti memiliki ke-khas-an masing-masing, tidak terkecuali dengan batik Madura. Yang membedakannya adalah warna khas batik serta motif yang ada. Madura memiliki warna yang beragam, namun warna khasnya adalah warna merah. Merah disini terlihat seperti warna merah pada batu bata. Namun saat ini batik madura yang lebih berkembang juga menawarkan warna-warna beragam, bisa warna tua ataupun muda.

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How to Distinguish Batik (Tulis and Cap) and Printed Fabric?

batik madura nilam

What are the differences

People used to be able to distinguish the kinds of batik easily, whether it is batik which is made by drawing on the fabric directly (batik tulis), batik which is made using the special stamp (batik cap), or the printed fabric which has the batik pattern. It is possibly caused by the technology used long time ago which has not been really good like todays’ quality perhaps. It was clear for them when they look at the inside of the fabric. The pattern of batik tulis and batik cap can be seen through to the back of the fabric, caused by the wax which is drawn twice or more on the fabric, or the wax which is drawn in both sides of the fabric such as batik gentongan (explained later). The process in producing batik here is different from what we call printed fabric.

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How to Maintain Our Batik?

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Maintain Batik

Maintaining your batik is not difficult. You just need to give a little attention just like when you maintain your silk.

1. Find out the kinds of your batik fabric, whether it is cotton, kaos, or silk (rare).

2. Separate your batik with other clothes (especially for the first and second washing process) because there will be a release of the coloring process residue. However, you do not have to be worried about it because your batik will be fine, it does not reduce your batik quality. It is a good news for you who have Madurese Batik especially batik from Bangkalan Regency, because your batik pattern will be brighter through this process.

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What are the differences between madurese batik and others?

batik madura nilam

Another Batik

Every batik which come from different regions must have their own characteristics, Madurese Batik has its own characteristics too. The very clear difference between Madurese Batik and others can be seen in its color and pattern. Madurese Batik has several colors like others too, but red could be said as the madurese batik’s trademark. It is not a bright red but it looks like the color of red brick. However we can still find Madurese Batik in other colors. Now the artists of Madurese Batik offer a variety of colors depend on the consumers demand, it can be light or dark color.

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